campThe venue is Hanmer Forest Camp (run by the Hanmer Forest Springs Forest Camp Charitable Trust). The address is 243 Jollies Pass Road, Hanmer Springs (a 90 minute drive from Christchurch).

todd by a waterfallIf you require a ride to Hanmer from Christchurch or from anywhere else, please try to organise this through the Facebook page or your own networks, as we may not able to co-ordinate car-pooling this year (we will try but we are very busy so cannot guarantee it). If you do find a ride with another attendee of Vegan Camp, please contribute $10 one way for petrol and give this directly to your driver.

You can also book a shuttle. Shuttles can be booked via www.hanmertours.co.nz or www.hanmerconnection.co.nz. Please remember it is Easter Weekend so you MUST book in advance. It will pay to check times before booking flights etc to be sure you can get a shuttle for the time you need as these operate at certain times only.

We can pick up from Hanmer (only if you pre-arrange it with us) if the shuttle won’t take you to Forest Camp.


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