Vegan Camp 2012 -2610Meals will be communally shared at tables. Our chefs will prepare the menu and cook the food, with help from volunteers. Please bring some vegan baking and hand in on arrival. These will be shared at supper times. Please tell us on the registration form if you have any allergies or intolerances we need to be aware of. We will cater for allergies and intolerances but not preferences. If you are not allergic or intolerant to a food, please don’t list it on your registration form as it does require extra effort and expense for the cooks to do alternatives. We are happy to help you if you need it though. Please tell us on your registration form if you are a raw vegan. The majority of dishes in our menu are not raw and so if you are a raw vegan we will want to plan with you in advance so that Vegan Camp is accessible for you. We are happy to help you but again, if you are not a raw vegan normally, please don’t list it on your registration form. If your special diet requires expensive foods which are not covered by our budget, we will ask you to either bring them yourself or pay an additional cost.

This is the mouth-watering 2017 menu.

Vegan Camp 2012 -2721Friday:
Dinner: Nachos – cheese topped nacho chips with black bean chilli, guacamole, salsa and sour cream.  Leafy green salad
Dessert: Fruit crumble with vanilla ice cream

: Scrambled tofu with toast – three different breads. Spreads: peanut butter, marmite, jam, margarine. Porridge, yoghurt, fresh fruit salad

Lunch: Polenta, zucchini and marinated tofu stack with sweet chill, tomato and soy sauce, Leafy green salad.  Apple turnover with Custard pouring sauce

Dinner:  Kofta balls in spaghetti with tomato veggie sauce. Sesame, roasted veg & green bean salad. Aioli
Dessert: Trifle with coconut whipped cream

Vegan Camp 2012 -2740Sunday:
Breakfast: Tempeh bacon strips with sautéed greens and mushrooms. Toast with spreads as on Saturday. Porridge, yoghurt, fresh fruit salad

Lunch: Corn fritters. Green Thai kumara and quinoa soup. Almond and carrot crunch salad. Banana and chocolate chip muffin

Dinner: Pumpkin and kumara balls with satay sauce. Salad: sweet bean medly. Grilled mozzarella and broccoli
Dessert: Raw chocolate beetroot mud cake. Fresh fruit sorbet

Breakfast:  Spinach and cheese frittata .  Toast with spreads as on Saturday. Porridge, yoghurt, fruit salad

Lunch:  Pita pockets with falafel and salad and tahina sauce. Coconut ice slice. Fresh fruit

Variety of herbal teas, black tea and coffee supplied, please bring own juice if wanted

pudding!We understand that just because your child is vegan it doesn’t mean they automatically eat everything put in front of them. If you have a child who is a fussy eater, please bring the foods your child would like in case they do not like the menu and are hungry at meal times. If you are putting food in the fridge, it must be clearly labelled with a permanent marker. If you are bringing a child who is not vegan, please do not bring any non-vegan foods for your child.

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