kids keep playing!Vegan Camp is especially welcoming to vegan families. The Hanmer Forest Camp venue is ideal for children. There is an excellent playground, a large grassy field for games, cabin rooms that can accommodate families of up to 6 people and lots of other kids to play with. We hope that child-free participants will offer to spend time with the children and play games with them; however it is important to remember you are responsible for the children you bring and that Vegan Camp is unable to provide child care. Parents may wish to share care (e.g. taking a group to the playground) and should work this out between them. If you can bring some toys and games for your child and other children to play with, that would be very welcome. Please understand that children like everyone, are welcome at Vegan Camp, but everyone, including the children, feels happier and safer when there are clear boundaries and expectations of behaviour. As parents are responsible at all times for their children, please ensure you keep to the following rules. Please ensure that:

  1. Your pre-schooler is never left without an adult caring for them who is directly responsible for them. Parents of older children must know where they are at any time.
  2. Your child cleans up any mess they make. This includes packing away toys etc as soon as they are finished with them.
  3. If your child hurts anyone you sort this with that person and if it is a child, you inform the parent what happened
  4. There is no throwing inside
  5. There is no hitting
  6. There is no booing or put downs
  7. Your child is not running wildly around and/or shrieking inside disturbing others
  8. Children under 10 years do not go into the kitchen at any time. If children need something from the kitchen, for safety reasons, they need to be outside the door whilst you fetch what they need.

These rules are so that everyone can have a safe and good time at Vegan Camp.  On your registration form we will ask parents to sign a form agreeing to keep to these rules, for everyone’s enjoyment.

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