Costs/Cancellation Policy

Ensor_blockOptions are provided so you can camp or stay in an onsite motel unit, depending on your preference and budget. Costs include accommodation and all meals but exclude transport and extras like hot pools entry. Late registrations may be not accepted and will incur an additional $25 admin fee. We have tried to make Vegan Camp as inexpensive as possible and are running it at cost to make it accessible for every vegan to attend. No one, not even the organisers who are volunteers, is coming to Vegan Camp for free or at a discount rate other than the Kiwiable card holders who are offered an accommodation discount by the venue.

Vegan Camp costs 2017 (to be updated for 2019)

Adult (15+)                                                                                        $220

9-14 year olds                                                                                    $100

2-8 year olds                                                                                      $80

0-1                                                                                                        free

Optional extras (price is for the length of the whole camp)
Sole or twin use of room                                                                 $15 per person ( $30 for two)

Self-contained unit for 2, with en-suite and kitchen                $150/110  (for one/ two adults)

Linen                                                                                                   $8 a set

NZ Vegetarian Society member                                                     $5

Vegan Society member                                                                    $5

Kiwiable Card                                                                                     $23 (Please bring card to camp)

An area of the camp is available for camping in tents or campervans. There are NO powered sites available.  Please contact us if you would prefer this type of accommodation and we will send you a revised cost.

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

  1. Cancellations received before March 20th– full refund
  2. Cancellations received after March 20th and before April 1st– partial refund ($35 per adult) unless we can find someone to take your place in which case there will be a $25 admin fee
  3. Cancellations received after April 1st – no refund unless we can find someone to take your place in which case there will be a $25 admin fee
  4. Cancellations of the self-contained units have a separate policy from that above so please contact us for details of this.

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