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mariann finds oneAll vegans are invited to come to the Vegan Camp/Kaimanga Mutunga Wiki Aotearoa, which is held biennially in the mountain village of Hanmer Springs, in New Zealand’s beautiful South Island. Vegan Camp New Zealand is brought to you by the Christchurch Vegetarian Centre and the Vegan Society of New Zealand.

Vegan Camp is open to all vegans. Please note that the definition of vegan is ‘someone who excludes all animal products from their diet’. Our venue is wheelchair accessible. This is a family friendly event. Vegan Camp is the place where we just are vegan and we don’t have to explain or justify our veganism.

If you are not vegan you can attend Vegan Camp by going vegan for at least two weeks before or by coming with a vegan friend. Please understand that you will be in a vegan space and behave respectfully. This means not talking about non vegan products while you are at Vegan Camp or explaining how you can’t give up dairy cheese or anything else about your non-vegan diet, thoughts and lifestyle. It is not the place to go to if you want to learn more or be convinced about becoming vegan. Do that before you come and just be at Vegan Camp for the pleasure of being in a vegan space for a weekend and having time out from the non-vegan world. That’s not to say Vegan Camp isn’t a place where you will learn more as there may be discussions and workshops which all vegans can learn from. But it won’t be Veganism 101.

Finally, obviously, please do not bring any non-vegan items to Vegan Camp.

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