Come and enjoy a range of films about vegetarianism at the Expo.

2017 Film Timetable      

10.00 Cowspiracy (91 mins) The shocking yet humorous documentary on the one single industry destroying the planet more than any other.

11.31 Reel of short films
 – Overview of Factory Farming in New Zealand (14 minutes) A compilation of clips looking at factory farming in New Zealand and campaigns to help animal
 – Vegan Profiles (5 minutes) Kiwi vegans talk about being vegan in New Zealand today.
 – NZ Pork Pie (2 mins) A short clip of the film featuring Vegan activism

 – My Grandfather (2mins) A short film clip set in the future where a young boy talks about the movement that his animal activist Father Grandfather led.

11.54 Carnage (1hr 5) A 2017 Mockumentary set in the year 2067 when Veganism is the norm, the film looks back on meat eating today.

1.00 Vegan Everyday Stories (1hr 32) A full length documentary that explores the lives of four vegans- An addict turned ultra- runner, a cattle rancher’s wife, an 8 year old girl and a female truck driver.

2.32 What the Health (1hr 31) Ground breaking feature length documentary which covers the impact of highly processed industrial animal foods on our personal health, and explores why leading health organisations continue to promote the industry despite medical studies and research.

4.05 Meatrix (10 mins)  A humorous animated tale on today’s dairy and meat production styled on ‘The Matrix’ movie.  

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