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The Christchurch Vegetarian (now Vegan) Expo proudly hosts a variety of interesting and informed speakers, talking on a range of topics around vegetarianism, including health and nutrition, animal welfare, and environmental issues. This was the 2016 line-up.


11am – The Ethical Vegan – Nichola Kriek (SAFE)
12pm – How to Drop a Dress Size in 21 Days on a Plant-Based Vegan Diet – Nick Ritchie (Plant Physique)
1pm – Eating for Health – Dr Mathew Hobbs
2pm – One Ageing Punk Rocker’s Guide to Veganism and Fitness on a Budget – Dallas McCulloch (Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine, USA)
3pm – Vegan Diet, for Healthy Men, for Healthy Children – Doug Hurley (Autumn Leaves)


Nichola Kriek – Nichola is SAFE‘s education officer and co-creator of the popular SAFE Animals & Us education programme. She has worked in the field of animal rights/welfare education for 16 years. In that time Nichola has spoken with hundreds of school groups, produced and published Pawprint, a popular children’s magazine, and run numerous events for young people: (animal-friendly holiday programmes, beach clean-ups and fundraising). She trained as a secondary school teacher at the Wellington College of Education in 1991.

Mathew Hobbs is a local doctor who trained at Otago Medical school and also completed a degree in neuroscience. He currently works in general practice and specialises in chronic disease management. He has been researching the effect of diet and lifestyle on health and disease for the last six years and works closely with Wellington lifestyle medicine specialist Dr Luke Wilson. He is a vegan.

Nick Ritchie runs Plant Physique, the plant-based gym in Christchurch.  He ha worked alongside naturopaths, nutritionists, doctors and other highly trained health specialists and developed a foundational understanding of health.  In 2005 he decided to pursue a career as a Personal Trainer. He later managed fitness gyms in Perth and Sydney and coached Personal Trainers nationwide in Australia. In 2014 Nick relaunched his fitness business, PLANT PHYSIQUE to continue helping more people with their own body transformations.  Nick is qualified with ISSA and AIPT in Personal Training, and by TJCO in NLP and Hypnosis. With over 10 years of industry experience, Nick is passionate about helping people reach their health and fitness goals.

Dallas McCulloch, the Vegan Fitness Punk is a 30-year old from the USA who has spent most of his life on tour with punk bands and comes from a place where poverty, addiction, depression and hopelessness are all very common. Dallas has  struggled with many of these problems himself, but he found a way to combat alcoholism and depression with veganism, fitness, and punk rock, and his hypertension disappeared after he went vegan in 2009. He works for Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine,  has lectured at  Vegfest events and has managed to put on 14kg of muscle from weightlifting while staying 100% vegan, 100% drug free, and trying to keep a positive mental attitude as much as possible. Dallas is hoping to use his experiences to show that even poor punk rock kids without an education can be healthy, fit and happy, and do all of this without contributing to the murder, rape and exploitation of animals and destruction of the environment.

Autumn Leaves (also known as Lifestyle Works) is committed to share with the people of Christchurch a healthy way of life and eating. To live a balanced lifestyle with good nutrition from a completely plant based diet sourced from vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains is our motto. This gives the best opportunity for vitality and a clear thinking mind. We also promote simple lifestyle habits such as sensible exposure to sunshine, fresh air, exercise, drink plenty of good clear water, adequate rest and abstaining from all practices that will degrade any physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our being. We promote the old adage “Do your best to prevent disease, rather than trying to treat one”.


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