Cookery Demos

There is always a diverse and exciting range of vegetarian cooking demonstrations, with tasters, and free recipes to take home. This was the 2016 line-up.  2017’s will be coming soon.

11am – Oat & Walnut Sausages/Patties – Angela Hurley ( from Autumn Leaves)  View the recipe here

12pmVegan Caramel Slice  – Tracey Christian. Enjoy the recipe here

1pmRawesome Beetroot Ginger cake – Annie Todorut (Antidote).  Please take a look at the recipe here

2pmThai Glass Noodle Salad with Coconut Dressing and Herbs  – Tom Riley (Green Dinner Table).  The recipe can be seen here

3pm – Yummy Crispy Mushroom, Spinach and Roast Tomato Salad with Paprika Aioli– Budhsamudra (The Lotus-Heart). Recipe here

sm cookery demoAngela Hurley – When Angela was a young mum in her mid-twenties with one child, she saw the need of looking at the nutrition of her family. On a standard Kiwi diet and a husband who was just hinting at some health issues, she decided to research it. She and her husband had developed a friendship with a vegetarian Dutch couple who were a tremendous help. After two weeks on the vegetarian diet, they were sold on it. The difference was incredible. Angela kept diligently experimenting with foods and by her fourth and last child, the family decided to cut out all animal foods and go fully vegan. That was 30 years ago. Angela has tirelessly searched, cooked, experimented and tried it out on her family. She has contributed heavily to recipes in Vegan cookbooks for Kiwis and been very active and effective in presentations to the public in the couple’s What’s Cooking cooking and nutritional classes. Today all the children are married and all four have held to the vegan diet where they possibly can. They all have enjoyed excellent health and well-being. Click here for her garbanzo-oat waffles with grape jam and tofu cream recipe demonstrated last year.

Tracey Christian has been a vegetarian for almost all her life in a non vegetarian family. She always loved animals and never wanted to eat them, but thought that eating eggs and dairy was fine because no one actually dies for them. However when she found out the truth about what laying hens and dairy cows have to endure she was horrified and decided then and there to no longer be a part of that cruelty. Last year Tracey became a plant based eater and her family, husband and two children aged 8 and 3, have come along for the ride and are loving it! Her 8-year-old son is a very vocal advocate for eating an animal free diet. The family find food so much tastier than ever before and rather than closing doors, it has opened many more. Tracey is a very keen home baker who loves taking recipes and making them animal-free, and finds that they usually taste better than before which is a double bonus. Click here for her Vegan Fudge recipe demonstrated last year.

Annie Todorut is originally from Hungary and in her home country she was a legal adviser. In New Zealand she dedicates her time to her passion,  promoting the vegan and raw vegan lifestyle. She has  been vegetarian for more than 20 years, vegan for 10 and raw vegan for five years.
Respect for great food made simply and with high quality, natural ingredients has stuck with her throughout her life. She believes it is essential to use locally grown plant-based, seasonal ingredients and prepare them in such a way that they retain the maximum amount of nutritional value.
Annie is convinced that “going raw” makes a huge difference to body, mind and soul; it has improved her life, and she wants to share how easy, healthy and fun it is to get the benefits.

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Budhsamudra has been expressing his culinary skills for almost 10 years both overseas and in New Zealand. From a New York vegetarian diner to 7 years as a vegetarian chef in Wellington he now works full time in The Lotus-Heart in Christchurch. He enjoys fusion-style cooking, combining fresh organic ingredients – with a particular love of herbs – from different cultures and putting his own unique twist on them. His creations are multi-layered, vibrant and colourful. Click here for his Roast Pumpkin and Green Bean Salad with Paprika Aioli recipe demonstrated last year.

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